How to use Steampod by L’Oréal Professionnel

The Steampod gently smoothes even the most difficult of hair types, allowing you to easily create the hairstyle of your dreams. Read on for how to use Steampod, what’s new, and our professional tips for achieving a variety of styles.

What is the Steampod?

The Steampod is the result of a collaboration between L’Oréal Professionnel and the technology experts at Rowenta. It is a hand-held device that, when glided down the hair, uses steam to smooth the hair fibres, making them look glossier and more manageable. And when it comes to how to use, Steampod is simple. It’s so easy, in fact, that we’ve put together 6 basic steps for creating a wide range of hairstyles. Not just for straight hair, the Steampod is the next generation of versatile hair styling tools!


Meet the Steampod

L’Oréal Professionnel is always looking to improve even its most successful products, and the latest Steampod is an example of these efforts. The water tank is part of the device itself, designed to prevent leakage and for easy transportation. The tool is super light and thin and has a practical 360° rotating cord to make styling even easier (creating waves is now hassle-free). Another major innovation: the steam nozzles have been moved to between the comb and the plates for better concentration and reduced steam loss.

How To Use

How to use Steampod in 6 simple steps

Follow steps 1-5 for all styles, then pick your desired finished look from the options in step 6.

Step 1

Remove the water tank and fill with demineralised water. Re-attach to the Steampod.

Step 2

Turn on the Steampod and choose your temperature:

        • * 180°C for thin hair
        • * 200°C for normal hair
        • * 210°C for thick hair


Step 3

Wait until the light stops flashing, which means the Steampod has reached the desired temperature.

Step 4

Apply the Liss Unlimited Primrose Oil or Mythic Oil to damp hair and blowdry.

Step 5

Separate hair into small sections and run the Steampod down the length of the hair, from root to tip. For poker straight, wavy or XXL volume looks, see below for our professionals’ top tips. Remember, whatever your selected style, we recommend you end with a drop or two of the either Liss Unlimited Primrose Oil or Mythic Oil for a glossy finish.

How to: Steampod Hairstyles

How to use Steampod for glossy waves

Starting at eye-level, curl 1-5cm sections of hair around the Steampod and gently twist as you glide it down the hair. Once all the hair has been curled, let it cool, then shake out and brush through with a wide-toothed comb to relax the curls into shiny waves. Watch how to tutorials for how to curl hair with a Steampod here.


“Glass hair” effect: How to use Steampod for super straight hair

For glass like shine: beginning at the roots, take 1cm sections of hair and squeeze the Steampod gently as you slowly move it down the hair, all the way to the tips. Pull it slightly towards you (or dip your head slightly forward when straightening) so that the hair falls naturally in front of the ears. Brush through with a paddle brush when finished.


Looking for volume? How to use Steampod for maximum body

It’s a simple technique, but one that makes all the difference. Take a small section of dry hair and lift from the roots so that it is at a 90° angle. Holding the ends, guide the Steampod up the hair from the roots to the tips and let it cool slightly while still holding. Release and repeat across all the hair. For a last boost of volume, flick your hair forward and back once.


Use the Steampod to create your ideal hairstyle: from sleek hair and pin curls to S-waves!

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